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Lead Designer/ Research - Deia Green
Design Mentors - Alexis Cotton , Juan Hernandez
Product Manager - Stefanie Frederick
Visual Design Guidance - Wendy Whatley


Expert Community Engagement - Turbo Tax Live


Figma, Sketch, Adobe


I interned at Intuit for Turbo Tax live Expert Community Engagement where I was the first UX design intern on their marketing and communications team, focused on the design and launch of an interactive, multi-platform online community for Quick Books and Turbo Tax Live CPA professionals.

I had an amazing experience working on various projects throughout my time at Intuit and spent 9 of the 12 weeks on this keystone project. The project's goal was to create both the E2E visual design and interactive experience of an online community that fosters growth in engagement and communication between tax experts.

This is a high-level overview of my design process. Can show in depth design visuals in person upon request.

Deliverables - Desktop
  • A new expert community homepage design for Intuit's tax expert community platform


  • Intuit's Expert Community platform is currently the social space for Turbo Tax Live experts and Quickbook Live experts to connect with each other, obtain company announcements, and obtain role specific information.

  • Since Turbo Tax live and Quickbooks Live experts are completely remote, it is important to build a sense of community between all experts so they know that their presence and hard work doesn't go unseen.

The Challenge

  • Intuit wanted to strengthen the relationship between experts by providing a more social experience within the community platform. Currently, there is no existing homepage for the experts to come together and each tax expert is separated by provisional restrictions.

  • Only tax experts certified in both Quickbooks and Turbo tax Live can switch between each respective area

Current Experience

This is the existing homepage view for tax experts once they sign into the community platform

After logging in, multi-domain tax experts can switch
between domains via the tab in the top right corner of the screen

In the current experience, there are no opportunities for tax experts to merge and form community with one another outside of their respective areas

Define the Problem

Utilizing Intuit’s Triple Diamond design approach, I was able to clearly map the steps I needed to take in order to successfully tackle this design project.

  • Talking to the experts

  • I started by conducting Expert Roundtables with Turbotax Live experts and Quickbooks experts to understand what they value when interacting with the current community platform.

  • 37%

     of 40 experts surveyed, wanted career development to be the main focus of Community with expert specific benefits at 29.6%

  • Auditing Third-part platforms

  • By conducting a quick audit of the existing Expert Community Platform , as well as other third- party platforms, such as Facebook Groups and Slack, that allow experts to connect with each other, I was able to gather data on what elements of each platform were working for Experts, and what elements were not working for each type of domain expert.

Taking the feature ideas with the highest impact and highest feasibility, I was able to identify the following themes that were later incorporated into the main sections of the homepage:

Expert meet up calendar
Leaderboard widget

Color coded posts to decipher domains

See who is online ( an expert outside or inside of their team)

Achievement badges/ icons

Refining the Experience

After analyzing the research findings and exploring solutions, I ultimately focused on designing 4 main pages of the Expert Community Platform considering the need for community extended beyond just the homepage.  I had to take into consideration the varying types of information needed for each domain expert to know as well as the information that would be applicable to both domains. Backed by the support of the team, I focused my design efforts to the following pages:

Home page/ activity feed

A space where experts can interact with one another, find information, ask questions, and make genuine connections

Discussion page

Allows experts to see the latest activity of what other experts are posting about as well as posts made by admin.

Articles page

Access important featured articles written by moderators and admin that inform them on important announcements

Groups page

Highlight the different groups that experts can join to talk to other experts with similar qualification, interests, or roles.


The most challenging part about this project was  leading the entire design process on a non-design team. I was in charge of multiple design projects, so I had to work on my time management and communication skills to best utilize my resources in order to tackle the problem within the short deadline. If I had more time I would conduct another round of user testing to influence second round of iterations/high fidelity mock ups and to see how experts interact with the new homepage design.

Overall, I learned so much during my time as an intern at Intuit and was able to have both an in-office experience and remote intern experience during my time there. Being the sole product design intern on my team allowed me to take more responsibilities and exercise more leadership over my projects! Thank you so much for taking the time to read through my Intuit project. To see the rest of my design process, feel free to reach out ! :)